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Science finally explains how cannabis kills cancer cells and is very impressive

Yanna Kanakaki
Cannabinoids refer to any group of related chemical compounds that include cannabinol and the active ingredients of cannabis. They activate cannabinoid receptors in the body. The body itself produces compounds called endocannabinoids that play a role in many processes within the body that help create a healthy environment. I believe...

Notes from the days of the pioneers: The Founding of Berkeley Patients’ Group. The early years of medicinal cannabis in California

Yanna Kanakaki
By Grandmama Purple It was fall of 1999. As a young student interested in herbal medicines, I was blessed with the invitation to work at one of the first medicinal cannabis hospitals in the country, The Berkeley Patients’ Group, in Berkeley, California, on the San Francisco coast. California was the...

There is a better life that awaits us… Jacqueline Poitras

Yanna Kanakaki
At least once a week I will hear from someone the question “I mean, does he do everything?” Cannabis is referred to and asked in different ways and in a different tone – from disbelief to irony to, usually, hope. Years ago I said myself, not wanting to confirm this...

16 cases in which cannabis can help us!

Stefanos Gialamas
  by Mary Raktivan The medicinal properties of cannabis have been widely known since ancient times. Despite the strong refusal of governments not to use them for years, cannabis is now finding its rightful place and is recognized as a medicine even in the most conservative states of the world....

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