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All health-related discoveries on cannabis (discoveries, studies, research and health).

Weed The People (video)

Yanna Kanakaki
It is unimaginably difficult to live with a terrible and serious disease like cancer, especially when the patients are children. An overwhelming video with stories and testimonies of parents and children, struggling and fighting this terrible disease with cannabis as their ally.  Special thanks to Simos Dalkiriadis for the translation...

Cannabinoids kill cancer cells-But how?

Yanna Kanakaki
By Yanna Jo It is well known to everyone, the miraculous properties of cannabinoids in relation to the treatment of various diseases. Cancer, as the scourge of our time, has been logical to attract the attention of scientists around the world for many years now. Is it true then? Can...

CBD and Sleep

Yanna Kanakaki
Paraskevas Arseniou, Doctor, Special Pathologist Although sleep quality is a determining factor in human, emotional, mental and physical health, many are deprived of it. Physiology of Sleep The brain oscillates in situations Awake REM Sleep (dream sleep with rapid movements of eyes) NREM Sleep (non-dream sleep without rapid eye movement)...

15 cases where cannabis can help us!

Yanna Kanakaki
by Mary Raktivan   The medicinal properties of cannabis have been widely known since ancient times. Despite the strong government’s refusal to use them for years, cannabis now finds its rightful place and is recognized as a medicine even in the most conservative countries in the world. Initially we should...

Cannabis as a Super-food

Yanna Kanakaki
by Teodor Kanchev Many experiments have already explored the health benefits of cannabis, and yet there’s hardly any talk about the benefits of raw cannabis consumption. From a nutritional point of view, cannabis should be included in the list of super-foods along with spinach and broccoli. Raw cannabis is ideal...

There is a better life waiting for us… Jacqueline Poitras

Yanna Kanakaki
At least once a week, I hear someone asking the question, “So, is it for everything?” They refer to Cannabis and the question is expressed in different ways and in different styles – from mistrust and irony up to, usually, hope. Years ago, I would answer, not wanting to confirm...

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