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The history of cannabis and the activist works of the pioneers, who fought for the rights of cannabis. The stories and actions of these people, their personal experiences and their social work.

Legalize Cannabis Protestival 2019

Yanna Kanakaki
15th Athens Anti-Prohibition Festival Saturday 11 May 2019 Music Rally   Pl. Kotzia, Monastiraki, Thiseio 4.20 pm – 1am Despite any fragmented progress made over the last 3 years, cannabis is still illegal. Patients can’t legally find their medicine, users are considered criminals, professionals operate in grey areas, Greek producers are...

History of Cannabis in Greece

Yanna Kanakaki
by Thanos Kiachidis The existence of the cannabis plant has been crucial for human living for thousands of years, as it was a source of energy, food, clothing, euphoria and medicine for various diseases. The targeted global ban and demonization for at least 80 years has violated the interests of...

Compulsive crime , premeditated and with deception

Yanna Kanakaki
By Simos Dalkyriadis I understand that back in 1937 in the United States, when the Congress voted the Marijuana Tax Act, which imposed tremendous taxes on cannabis and essentially prohibited the cultivation and use of the entire cannabis plant, regardless its psychoactivity or not, Senators either because of ignorance ,deception,...

There is a better life waiting for us… Jacqueline Poitras

Yanna Kanakaki
At least once a week, I hear someone asking the question, “So, is it for everything?” They refer to Cannabis and the question is expressed in different ways and in different styles – from mistrust and irony up to, usually, hope. Years ago, I would answer, not wanting to confirm...

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