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Learn about the different uses and applications of industrial cannabis, the miraculous properties of CBD oil, and the rapidly growing market of this sector

Composting for Cannabis

Stefanos Gialamas
Compost vs. Commercial Fertilizer   Composting is the science of building soil dense with microbial life which supports vigorous and healthy plant growth through bio-chemical reactions and other life processes.  This complex and symbiotic plant-microbe relationship is illuminated in our first issue’s article, “Living Soils”.   In essence, composting refers...

The Priest who became a Hemp Grower

Yanna Kanakaki
Vassilis Arseniou was born in Thessaloniki in 1978, with an origin from Kilkis and Thassos. His father, Paraskevas Arseniou, a military doctor, and his mother Maria, grew him with valuable family values: love for freedom, logic, aesthetics, nature, and the unbridled curiosity of understanding the world around him. He grew...

Hemp, The Myth and Now

Yanna Kanakaki
by Serafim Kandylas We are heading towards the fourth year of cannabis cultivation in our country. From 2016, when the CJMD was signed, which the Law 4139/2013 provided as a prerequisite for the start of the cultivation, to date, we have a significant increase in the acres grown. From 24...

ΤΕΙ Thessaly – Hemp – A dynamic Cultivation

Yanna Kanakaki
by Μary Raktivan ΤΕΙ Thessaly – Hemp – A dynamic Cultivation On February 22nd, a workshop on “industrial hemp – a dynamic cultivation” was held in the closed amphitheater of the Business Administration of TEI of Thessaly. Keynote lecturers of the University of Thessaly, spoke on a great deal of...

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