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The finance and the opportunities that arise in the business world of cannabis (companies and industries, presentations, forecasts)

Energy Efficiency

Stefanos Gialamas
Today’s Indoor cultivation facilities are energy intensive as they must provide every input for the plants: Light, Temperature and Humidity Control, Nutrients, and Air Flow. Indoor growing allows you to be very precise in providing these inputs at the cost of a very high energy budget. In general, indoor growing...

The Alaska Model

Yanna Kanakaki
by Lyriel & Peter Bee There are many reasons to love Alaska, breathtaking wild landscapes, beautiful ordinary people, stunning animals and now it is also the northern cannabis industry in America. Alaska is one of the eight US states that have passed laws that legitimize marijuana for recreational purposes. Voters...

Change in Society and Thinking

Yanna Kanakaki
by The Green Greek There are moments in time that trigger changes, in society as well as in us. These great changes may find some unprepared, some indifferent to them and some who may grab the unique opportunity and come forward as pioneers. All we need to do is to...

Greece becomes a rich country

Yanna Kanakaki
by Stefanos Gialamas This phrase would have been unlikely to be said until just a few months ago, when one of the most bold and pioneering bills ever filed in the country, has passed. It was then, that the way opened for growth, investment and capital inflow into a newly...

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