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Everything about cannabis cultivation, design, lighting and construction of the growing area (greenhouses, techniques, tips and more)

Advances in Grow Light Technology: LED vs HPS  

Stefanos Gialamas
Not all artificial lighting is created equal.  When it comes to cannabis cultivation, it has recently been discovered that exposing plants to different spectrums of light causes noticeable changes in plant structure, or morphology, and in cannabinoid and THC content. In Greece and elsewhere in Europe, medical cannabis can only...

Floor Heating for Greenhouses

Stefanos Gialamas
Greenhouses allow us to cultivate in climates that are variable in temperature, protect from the wind and provide a cleaner space free of pathogens and predatory insects. While the insulation of the greenhouse covering will raise the temperature in even mild to chilly weather, some windy and cold over cast...

Selecting Cannabis Mothers for Cloning

Stefanos Gialamas
Pharmaceutical cannabis requires uniformity of product on a mass scale.  Because there is so much variation between cultivars, this means producers must grow large amounts of genetically consistent plants.   The best way to ensure this is through the process of “cloning”: cutting branches from a “Mother” plant, and inducing them...

Air Cooling Systems for Greenhouses

Stefanos Gialamas
Greenhouses capture sunlight energy.  Radiation trapped in the greenhouse will release heat as photons interact with matter and lose energy. While abundant sunshine promotes vigorous and rapid growth, the extreme heat makes utilizing cooling systems mandatory during the hot summer months, especially in Mediterranean climates such as Greece.  Different cooling...

Cultivation Methods – Sea of Green VS Screen of Green

Stefanos Gialamas
Maximizing yields per square meter of grow space and producing a consistent quality medicine are top priorities in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry. Both Greenhouse and indoor cultivators have experimented with many techniques over the years, with two methods standing out: the so-called “Sea of Green” and the “Screen of Green”....

The Priest who became a Hemp Grower

Yanna Kanakaki
Vassilis Arseniou was born in Thessaloniki in 1978, with an origin from Kilkis and Thassos. His father, Paraskevas Arseniou, a military doctor, and his mother Maria, grew him with valuable family values: love for freedom, logic, aesthetics, nature, and the unbridled curiosity of understanding the world around him. He grew...

Indica vs Sativa vs Ruderalis: Characteristics and Differences

Yanna Kanakaki
by Dr. Grow Cannabis is divided into three categories of plants: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Each category has different characteristics and their observation is a basic prerequisite for understanding the processes of the plant and its evolution. Indica The Indica family got its name for geographic identification reasons. It thrives...

Greenhouses Made In USA

Yanna Kanakaki
by Sama’a Djomehri As medical and recreational cannabis is passed into law in more states across the USA, greenhouse cultivation is emerging as the preferred and ideal way to grow.  This is because it preserves the best of both worlds- harnessing sunlight, while maintaining a climate controlled and contaminant free...

Living Soils: Pro-biological Approach to Cultivation

Yanna Kanakaki
by Sama’a Djomehri Microorganisms have been symbiotically interacting with plants for tens of thousands of years, actually responsible for the chemical processes and other functions making it possible for plants to subsist and take an evolutionary hold.  Plants, like humans and other animals, are dependent upon microbes such as bacteria,...

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