Author : Stefanos Gialamas

Tissue Culture for Cannabis

Stefanos Gialamas
For thousands of years, farmers planted seeds to continue lines of crops. At many times around the world people discovered the process of artificial pollination (probably by watching bees!). This hand pollination allowed us to develop many of the food crops we use today from humble beginnings. We discovered grafting...

Cultivation Methods – Sea of Green VS Screen of Green

Stefanos Gialamas
Maximizing yields per square meter of grow space and producing a consistent quality medicine are top priorities in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry. Both Greenhouse and indoor cultivators have experimented with many techniques over the years, with two methods standing out: the so-called “Sea of Green” and the “Screen of Green”....

The 14th issue is out!

Stefanos Gialamas
With great joy we present to you our 14th issue of February-March 2020 In this issue: Hemp VS Arthritis: a thorough article about the benefits of cannabis and the ways in which, it combats arthritis, by dr Paraskevas Arseniou. Learn about how CBD helps the human body, as well as...

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