Author : Stefanos Gialamas

Selecting Cannabis Mothers for Cloning

Stefanos Gialamas
Pharmaceutical cannabis requires uniformity of product on a mass scale.  Because there is so much variation between cultivars, this means producers must grow large amounts of genetically consistent plants.   The best way to ensure this is through the process of “cloning”: cutting branches from a “Mother” plant, and inducing them...

Air Cooling Systems for Greenhouses

Stefanos Gialamas
Greenhouses capture sunlight energy.  Radiation trapped in the greenhouse will release heat as photons interact with matter and lose energy. While abundant sunshine promotes vigorous and rapid growth, the extreme heat makes utilizing cooling systems mandatory during the hot summer months, especially in Mediterranean climates such as Greece.  Different cooling...

Full-Spectrum Extract with Solvent  

Stefanos Gialamas
Concentrated cannabis resin as well as isolated THC, CBD, terpene and other cannabinoid distillates function as a valuable tool in the medical world; allowing manufacturers to formulate products with precise dosages for patients in conveniently ingestible forms.  As pharmaceutical cannabis gains acceptance for its efficacy, demand for extracts of many...

Recipe: CBD Mac ’n Cheese

Stefanos Gialamas
Serves 4-6 ½ pound elbow macaroni or shells 1 tablespoon canola oil 1 teaspoon salt For cheese sauce 5 tablespoons CBD infused butter ½ cup all-purpose flour 2½ to 3 cups milk, warm 4 ounces smoked mozzarella, grated (1 cup) 8 ounces medium cheddar, grated (2 cups) 1 teaspoon sea...

Some Failed Fantasies of Prohibition

Stefanos Gialamas
Despite its seeming omnipotence, the web of twentieth century global cannabis prohibition contained many holes from its inception. As soon as one hole was closed, new ones opened up. This difficulty was largely due to the long historical relationship which human beings have had with the cannabis plant. Many societies...

Composting for Cannabis

Stefanos Gialamas
Compost vs. Commercial Fertilizer   Composting is the science of building soil dense with microbial life which supports vigorous and healthy plant growth through bio-chemical reactions and other life processes.  This complex and symbiotic plant-microbe relationship is illuminated in our first issue’s article, “Living Soils”.   In essence, composting refers...

Energy Efficiency

Stefanos Gialamas
Today’s Indoor cultivation facilities are energy intensive as they must provide every input for the plants: Light, Temperature and Humidity Control, Nutrients, and Air Flow. Indoor growing allows you to be very precise in providing these inputs at the cost of a very high energy budget. In general, indoor growing...

Tissue Culture for Cannabis

Stefanos Gialamas
For thousands of years, farmers planted seeds to continue lines of crops. At many times around the world people discovered the process of artificial pollination (probably by watching bees!). This hand pollination allowed us to develop many of the food crops we use today from humble beginnings. We discovered grafting...

Cultivation Methods – Sea of Green VS Screen of Green

Stefanos Gialamas
Maximizing yields per square meter of grow space and producing a consistent quality medicine are top priorities in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry. Both Greenhouse and indoor cultivators have experimented with many techniques over the years, with two methods standing out: the so-called “Sea of Green” and the “Screen of Green”....

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