Author : Roy Van Lieshout

The new issue of February-March 2021 is now out!

Roy Van Lieshout
On this issue: News: Removal of cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act Greece: The new institutional framework for pharmaceutical and industrial cannabis Health: Clinical Insufficiency of the Endocannabinoid System Research: Self-healing Cultivation: Fighting Powdery Mildew Tribute: The L.S.T. technique Science: Diamonds and Sauce Economy: The World of...

Our 18th issue of December-January 2021 is now out

Roy Van Lieshout
We proudly announce that our 18th issue of December-January 2021 is now out! In this issue: News: The feat of Hellenic Hemp Economy: The Cannabis sector, before and after corona virus Health: Cannabis VS Chronic pain Cultivation: Quick diagnose for cannabis plants Politics: The new breath of development Industrial Cannabis:...

Our 17th issue is now out

Roy Van Lieshout
Our new 17th issue of October-September 2020 is now out on all kiosks everywhere in Greece! In this issue: All the results of the 1st Green Greeks Cannabis Cup 2020 Economy: The American model Health: Terpenes make the difference Cultivation: Complete Protection against Spidermites Politics: 10+1 steps for the Greek...

The Cannabis Cup 2020 has been completed

Roy Van Lieshout
With great success the very 1st Cannabis Cup 2020, organized by the Green Greeks Magazine, has been completed last week. It was a competition with great emotions, surprises and many reversals. The evaluation of products, businesses and services has been divided in two parts, and took two days because of...

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