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The 2nd Greek Cannabis Cup 2021

The most important event in our country, in terms of cannabis flowers and cannabis products, was completed with absolute success in a ceremony organized by the magazine, highlighting the best of the year 2021. The general conclusion that came out of the event is that the level of the contestants has risen sharply since last year, proving that the know-how and ingenuity of Greek companies has great potential and that the market has now matured.

The categories of the competition were 17 in total, with 3 winners being awarded in each of them. Below are the results of each category:


Best Cannabis Flower 2021

1st place: Berry Kush from Gold of Green

2nd place: Valentine-X from Hempoil

3rd place: Black Mamba from CbdGreece

Berry Kush from the new company Gold of Green is undoubtedly the best cannabis flower that currently exists in our country. Its unique aroma and taste combined with its incredible beauty, brought it to the first place. It is worth noting that it won by a large margin the rest candidates. In second place came the interesting Valentine-X, from Hempoil which left very good impressions, while in third place was last year’s winner, Black Mamba from CbdGreece.


Best Greek Cannabis Flower 2021

1st place: Flower Power from Gold of Green

2nd place: Sativa Hybrid from CanncureCollective

3rd place: Morning Haze from Kannalite

A clear victory for Flower Power, again from Gold of Green, this time in the category of best Greek cannabis flower. With a fantastic aroma and taste, but also looking like an image reminiscent of a bud from Coffeshop, it comfortably won this category, proving that Greek Buds are now equal to those abroad. Gold of Green with this double victory is established as the king of flowers in Greece. The second place was taken by the remarkable Sativa Hybrid of Canncure Collective, while in the third place came the Morning Haze from Kannalite.


Best Hemp Hash 2021

1st place: Plant of Life – Blueberry from CBD Greece

2nd place: Mary Moonlight – Hash Moon from Three Sixty

3rd place: Raw Keef from Kannabio

In the hash category, the unique and delicious Blueberry of Plant of Life from CBD Greece won the first place, leaving in second place the Hash Moon of Three Sixty, which is worth mentioning that it is the second time that it is awarded, winning the same place as last year. Kannabio’s Raw Keef came in third, making an impressive entry into this category of competition for the first time.


Best Hemp Crystal 2021

1st place: Enecta Cc500 from Hempoil

2nd place: La Santa Crystals from Health & Cannabis

3rd place: Pure Crystals from CBD Greece

 Victory for Hempoil in the best crystal category with the Enecta Cc500 emerging as the big winner in this category. It was followed in second place by La Santa Crystals from Health & Cannabis which made the big surprise and displaced Pure Crystals of CBD Greece, which from first place last year came in third place this year.


Best CBD Oil 2021

1st place: Endoca Raw 10% from CBD Greece

2nd place: Care drops 10% from Kannabio

3rd place: Hemp-X 10% from EC Stevia

Cbd Greece Endoca Raw climbed to the first step, winning the Best CBD Oil category this year and leaving really good impressions. In second place was, as last year, the Caredrops of Kannabio, justifying its reputation. The third place was a surprise as it was won by the lesser known but also very good Hemp-X oil from EC Stevia.


Best Full Spectrum Oil 2021

1st place: Full Spectrum 20% from Health & Cannabis

2nd place: CBD Greece FS 5% from CBD Greece

3rd place: Premium Spectrum 8% from CanncureCollective

For the second consecutive year, the award wins the Full Spectrum 20% from Health & Cannabis, establishing it as the best full spectrum oil in Greece. With a small difference in the rating, Full Spectrum from CBD Greece followed right next. The third place was won by the Premium Full Spectrum from CanncureCollective.


Best Cannabis Edible 2021

1st place: ChocoKanna from Kannabio

2nd place: Cannatella from CBD Greece

3rd place: Trachanas with cannabis from KYNSEP Epikouros

 The big double was made by Kannabio, with ChocoKanna winning for a second consequent year the first place as the best cannabis edible in our country. The second place was won by CBDGreece with the very remarkable and delicious Cannatella. On the third place climbed the delicious trachanas with cannabis from KYNSEP Epikouros, which deserves congratulations.


Best Cannabis Soft drink 2021

1st place: Cannabeer from Corinthian Brewery

2nd place: CannaBerry from EC Stevia

3rd place: CannaCola from Health & Cannabis

 The first Greek cannabis beer, by Corinthian Brewery, is a fact and with its rich taste it deservedly wins the first place in the category of Best Soft Drink 2021. In the second place comes the eccentric Cannaberry of EC Stevia that stands out for its special taste. Third place goes to the well-known CannaCola, a variant of Coca Cola but with hemp, from Health & Cannabis.


Best Cannabis Cosmetic 2021

1st place: Botanica from Cbd Greece

2nd place: Analgia from Kannabio

3rd place: Pain Relief from Cbd Greece

 The cream with the name Botanica won the hearts of the judges, thus giving the first place in Cbd Greece in the category of cosmetics. The second place was won by Analnia of Kannabio which is part of the successful product line of this company, while the third place was taken by Pain Relief from Cbd Greece, a special cream for arthritis and the joints. It is worth noting that Cbd Greece is the only company that managed to win second prize in the same category, from the beginning of the competition until now.


 Best Cannabis Accessory 2021

1st place: Dynavap 2021 from CbdGreece

2nd place: Marley Glass Pipe from Hempoil

3rd place: Buldog Grinder from Health & Cannabis

 The innovative Dynavap with its special patented construction won first place in this category of the competition, offering unique performances during its use. At a very close distance followed the beautiful Marley Glass Pipe which had incredible purity and dynamics winning very good reviews. In third place came the unique Bulldog Grinder that impressed with its ease of use and robust construction, while not losing its performance even after a long period of time.


 Best Cannabis Packaging 2021

1st place: Hempoil – Hemp crumb

2nd place: Gold of Green – Bud series (24kGold, Flower Power, Fruity Punch, Berry Kush, Ice Dream)

3rd place: Kannabio – ChocoKanna

 By far the best packaging for cannabis product in 2021 is “Hemp Crumb” by Hempoil. Beautiful and with a dose of luxury but at the same time minimal and classic, this package deservedly wins the first place. The Gold of Green Buds line with its high-tech appearance and gold and black designs won the impressions, giving this new company another award. The third place was taken for the second consecutive year by ChocoKanna of Kannabio, once again confirming its stable value.


Best Cannabis Store 2021

1st place: Hempoilshop (Elefsina)

2nd place: CanBe (Larissa)

3rd place: Cannabis Inc (Athens)

The best cannabis store for this year is Hempoil in Elefsina. Clean, warm and with a unique feeling of relaxation, it rises to the first place in this category. With a small difference, last year’s winner CanBe from Larissa comes to prove that the best cannabis shops are currently in the provinces of Greece. The third place for the second consecutive year is deservedly won by the modern and minimal but at the same time warm and stylish Cannabis Inc in Athens, justifying once again its reputation.


Best Growshop 2021

1st place: Biogrower

2nd place: Greenhouse spot

3rd place: Hortis Culture

 In Thessaloniki exists the best Growshops for cannabis as it turns out for another year, but with big upsets on the hierarchy. Biogrower is currently the best Growshop in Greece, solemnly rising from the third place it held last year to the first place this year. Within close distance comes the Greenhouse Spot which occupies the second place once again, while in the third place came the Hortis Culture. It is worth noting, however, that all 3 Growshops have upgraded their products and services.


Best Seed Shop 2021

1st place: Hemp City

2nd place: Villa Bafo

3rd place: Hippocrates Seeds

 Hemp City is proving to be a stable value, as it rises to the top of the podium for another year, gaining impressions and thus consolidating its presence in the Greek market with its unique collection of seeds. In the second place, thus also sealing its value, comes for the second consecutive year the unique Villa Bafo, with the always cheerful staff and the specially designed spaces so that the seeds always remain fresh. The third place was taken by the famous Hippocrates Seeds who won the impressions with the unique collection of hybrids from a mix of Greek and foreign varieties.


Best Cannabis Gift Shop 2021

1st place: Sativa Headshop (Thessaloniki)

2nd place: Hemp City (Athens)

3rd place: Health & Cannabis (Thessaloniki)

 For the second consecutive year the first place is won by the unique Sativa Headshop with the huge variety of gifts all related to cannabis. Their unique collection that is growing daily won the best impressions. Second place is won by Hemp City as they have expanded their collection of gifts and souvenirs with some of them being the most popular in Europe. In third place comes Health & Cannabis with unique lines of clothes and accessories that are constantly updated.


Best Cannabis Businessman 2021

1st place: Christos Botsis (Hempoil)

2nd place: Nikos Kapetanios (EC Stevia)

3rd place: Agapios Chatzioannidis (CBD Greece)

 The pioneer Christos Botsis, who is worth noting that he opened the first chain of cannabis stores in Greece, is awarded this year by the magazine as the best cannabis businessman for 2021. The second place is won by Nikos Kapetanios, owner of EC Stevia with intense action on the cannabis industry and the Greek Cannabis Union and with unique professionalism, deservedly winning this award. In third place is Agapios Chatzioannidis, owner of the CBD Greece chain of stores with a presence throughout all Greece.


Best Cannabis Grower 2021

1st place: Teodor Kanchev (Gold of Green)

2nd place: Evangelos Barkas (Canncure Collective)

3rd place: Parmenian Gatos (Kannabio)

 The Best Cannabis Grower for the year 2021 is undoubtedly Teodor Kanchev, who swept the prizes of the competition with his award-winning series of cannabis flowers, and is now a raw model for the young growers of our country. The second place was deservedly won by Evangelos Barkas, owner and chief cultivator of the Canncure company who impressed us with his buds, while the third place is won by Parmenion Gatos, chief cultivator of Kannabio, responsible for the successful course of this award-winning company.


Our warm congratulations to all the winners, as well as to all those who took part in the competition. The magazine through this competition rewards the best of each year in order to give recognition to those who excelled in each category. The competition is an image of the current situation at the given time and is a reference point for the winners, but also a motive for the rest to become better.

We renew our appointment next year in the 2022 Greek Cannabis Cup. Until then, we wish you the best!

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