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The 24th issue of Winter 2022 is now out

The 24th issue of Winter 2022 was released today in newsstands across the country.

In the new issue:

  • News from the World: Germany in legalizing recreational cannabis
  • News from Greece: The 2nd Greek Cannabis Cup
  • Health: Cannabis VS Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Research: Cannabis and Addictions
  • Cultivation: Design of the installation and the necessary equipment
  • Cultivation Techniques: Applying the “Lollipopping” method
  • The Portrait of a Cultivator: Teodor Kanchev
  • Tribute: Trichoderma
  • Recommended variety: Fruit Punch
  • Science: The most complex cross breedings
  • Economy: Europe as today and tomorrow
  • Industrial Hemp: Report of the 2021 Cultivation Season
  • Politics: Decriminalization – Legalization
  • History: Rock & Cannabis
  • Entertainment: Coffeshop Popey
  • Cooking with Cannabis: Cannabis bacon fat browned butter caramelized pear blurb

…And much more!….

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