Cover 22

The 22nd issue of August-September 2021 is now out!

In this issue:

  • News from the World: Switzerland is getting ready to legalize cannabis
  • News from Greece: The creation of Gold of Green S.A
  • Health: The medical use of Cannabis in Leukemia
  • Tribute: CBD dosage calculation for everyone
  • Research: Cannabis and Big Pharma
  • Cultivation: Alkalinity
  • Cultivation Techniques: Applying the “Topping” technique: Why, when and how
  • Recommended strain: Blue God
  • Science: The case of Nirvana
  • Economy: The economic impact of cannabis
  • Industrial Cannabis: ”I should have known about”
  • Tribute: Improvement and seed production of industrial cannabis varieties
  • Politics: National Cannabis Agency
  • History: Willie Nelson
  • Interview: 420 Festival
  • Entertainment: Coffeeshop Bulldog
  • Cooking with Cannabis: Octopus Ceviche enriched with Sativa

….and many more!…

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