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The 21st issue of June-July 2021 is out now!

The 21st issue of June-July 2021 is now out on every magazine stand in Greece!

In this issue:

  • News from the World: New York legalizes the use of recreational Cannabis
  • News from Greece: The 12 Cannabis Production Units in Greece that got State finance
  • Health: Cannabis VS ADHD
  • Research: How to evaluate the different CBD oils in the market
  • Cultivation: Foliar Nutrition
  • Cultivation Techniques: Super Cropping
  • Tribute: Led in Cannabis Cultivation
  • Recommended variety: Fruit Punch
  • Science: Ed Rosenthal
  • Economy: The economic development of Greece in recreational cannabis
  • Research: How to become a young cannabis cultivator in Greece
  • Tribute: The case of legalizing recreational cannabis in Greece
  • History: Dennis Peron
  • Entertainment: Rembetiko music and Cannabis
  • Legal High: Δ8
  • Recipe: Cold brew coffee and nocino ice cream blurb

….and many more!…

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