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The distribution of our 20th anniversary issue has already started!

Read on this issue:

  • News: Cannabinoids show anti-inflammatory activity in Covid-19 infected lung cells
  • Health: Cannabis VS Psoriasis
  • Research: Catch-22, the vicious circle in cannabis
  • Medical Cannabis: The until yesterday forbidden miracle of a secret oracle
  • Cultivation: Supply of Phosphorus
  • Cultivation Techniques: The SCROG method
  • Recommended variety: Bubba Kush
  • Science: The 7 most difficult varieties of cannabis
  • Economy: The trends that cannabis is shaping in the world economy
  • Research: Proposals for the development of Industrial Hemp in Greece
  • Tribute: Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Cannabis industry
  • History: Raphael Mechoulam
  • Entertainment: Cannabis as a dietary supplement
  • Recipe: Sour Tsunami cream pound cake

….and many more!…

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