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The epic achievement of Hellenic Hemp

A new company has come to shake the waters in the cannabis industry, featuring some very impressive buds, with unique aromas, high quality cannabinoids and amazing looks. Its name is Hellenic Hemp, an innovative company that was born during the hardest period of time for new starters, immediately after the first lock down. In a Greece that all stores were closing and optimism was lost, three young entrepreneurs decided to go up against this wave and create something new, beautiful and successful.

With love and passion for their work they start designing their future, defying the dangers and the economic climate, having trust to their vision, creating new standards for the cannabis industry. Their target was to showcase the Greek cannabis flowers and that they have reached into such high levels of quality, that would easily compete and win the imported ones. Defying the stereotypes of the market, that imported buds are better than Greek ones, they have proved to everyone that Greece has some true potentials.

Therefore, they have made a roundtrip to Greece passing on to some of the best cannabis cultivations evaluating the potentials and also the skills of those growers. After thousands of kilometers in search of the best buds they have reached the mountainous region of Arcadia in Peloponnesus, where they have met with what would be proven next, the best Greek cannabis grower. It was an epic moment because not only they have found what they were looking for, meaning the best cultivation of all they have crossed by, but because they had found a grower with discipline, ethos and infinite knowledge about cannabis plants. Since then, a strong friendship and collaboration grew that would change everyone’s future, including the cannabis sector of our country.

After a successful summer and a much promising autumn, they have proven true and thus they had come to a point where they were staring a massive successful grow, that was equal and even better of other well-known companies in Europe, even reaching the quality level of equivalent California cultivations. Knowing that they had produced such high-quality flowers, they decide to feature them in a luxury packaging that would be worthy of its content. They chose the most impressive and difficult material for packaging, the glass, that protects against deterioration of the bud and also helps it cure and become better, in a process called curing, well known to everyone. During this process buds lose their chlorophyll while producing sugars and at the same time the cannabinoids and terpenes mature, exposing the true taste and aroma of the bud. That only happens when using a glass jar. In plastic packages buds cannot cure properly and often deteriorate, getting mold if stay in for long. In contrary, the glass jars provide with freshness and preserve the bud. That process resamples the one being used with old wine. Therefore, they have found a way to improve the bud while it stays on shelves which is brilliant and very innovative for Greece.

They have made this way 5 different products and put them inside a luxury package in black and gold colors that resample the quality and personality of those buds. They chose ancient Greek names and figures from mythology to emphasize the Greekness of those products. They also agreed to put the cannabinoid and terpene analysis at the back of the package, something very innovative for the Greek standards, while they have kept the looks serious and discreet, in contrast to the trend nowadays to only emphasize on a number – the percentage of the CBD.

Having created this innovation they have moved onto supplying the Greek market, through a network of selected cannabis stores and through their website, that by the way is astonishing. When visiting everyone can see all stages of this cultivation, like a photo diary, from seedling to harvest. This is a truly genuine experience and maybe the only website in Greece and Europe that gives the opportunity to navigate through time over the life span of the flowers.

Recognition didn’t take long to come when the first impressions came in and they were all positive, while the feedback was indeed truly touching. Gaining acceptance from all was the confirmation for the founders of Hellenic Hemp that all the effort they have made, worth it. This reward made them full in confidence and strengthen them to keep on working until they reached the top.

On the very first Greek Cannabis Cup 2020, organized from the Green Greeks magazine, they have thrived and won 4 prizes, writing history in the cannabis industry. Three of them were actually in the first place.

  • 1st place in ‘’Best Greek Bud’’
  • 2nd place in ‘’Best Cannabis Flower’’ (overall)
  • 1st place in ‘’Best Cannabis Packaging’’
  • 1st place in ‘’Best Greek Grower’’

Their course through time maybe should be featured on a film, with the best happy end that anyone could possibly imagine, proving with the most spectacular way that when inspiration and hard work coexist, achievements can be made. Their story fills us with hope that in Greece today there are still opportunities and prospects, if someone truly believes in it. This is a story of hard work and recognition showing us that when there is determination and willingness, success is granted no matter how harsh the environment around us can be.

Let’s keep this as a beacon of hope enlightening our future, showing that everything is possible when done methodically with great care, good will and dedication. We wish the best to those young entrepreneurs because they deserve it, and we thank them for they have shown us that there is a great future in the cannabis industry of our country and that when there is vision, dreams come true.

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