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The results of the Green Greeks Cannabis Cup 2020

The first Green Greeks Cannabis Cup 2020, organized by our magazine celebrating its 2nd year of operation, has finished with success. It was the very first Cannabis Cup in our country.

The number of categories were 17, with the first 3 winners of each category granted with prizes.

Below are the results of the contest:


Best Cannabis Flower 2020 (overall)

1st place: Weedbase Black Mamba by CBD Greece

2nd place: Enigma Skunk by Hellenic Hemp

3rd place: Lemon Pie by Sativa Headshop


Best Greek Cannabis Flower 2020

1st  place: Enigma Skunk by Hellenic Hemp

2nd place: Lemon Toupapa by Hemp Way

3rd place: Sativa by Kannalite


Best Hash 2020

1st place: Plant of Life – Sour Diesel by CBD Greece

2nd place: Mary Moonlight – Hash Moon by Three Sixty

3rd place: Legal Weed – Mamba Pollen by Vape2Smoke


Best Cannabis Crystal 2020

1st place: La Santa Crystals by Three Sixty

2nd place: Pure Crystals by CBD Greece

3rd place: Cannabis Crystals by Alfa Trade


Best CBD Oil 2020

1st place: CBDGreece 10% by CBD Greece

2nd place: Care drops 3% by Kannabio

3rd place: Antheleo by Kannevia


Bets CBD Oil (full spectrum) 2020

1st place: Full Spectrum 20% by Health & Cannabis

2nd place: Pure 24% by Royal Hemp

3rd place: Endoca Raw 15% by CBD Greece


Best Cannabis Edible 2020

1st place: Cannabis Chocolate by Kannabio

2nd place: Cannabar Peanut by CBD Greece

3rd place: Cannabis Bread Sticks by Hempire Taste


Best Cannabis Drink 2020

1st place: Canna Peach by EC Stevia

2nd place: Cannabice Relax by Pella Biocannabis Farm

3rd place: Le Cannabis by Saga


Best Cannabis Cosmetics 2020

1st place: Botannabis by MA.MAKA

2nd place: Algos by Kannabio

3rd place: Venus Secret Anti-Age by Health & Cannabis


Best Cannabis Accessory 2020

1st place: Volcano by Hemp City

2nd place: Solinder Grinder by Sativa Headshop

3rd place: Dynavap 2020 by CBD Greece


Best Cannabis Packaging 2020

1st place: Hellenic Hemp – Bud Series: (Enigma, Eros, Utopia, Harmonia, Aphrodite)

2nd place: Happy Fields – Tea Series: (Energy, Diet, Relax, Detox)

3rd place: Kannabio – Cannabis Chocolate


Best Cannabis Store 2020

1st place: CanBe (Larisa)

2nd place: CBD Greece (Kavala)

3rd place: Cannabis Inc (Athens)


Best Cannabis Growshop 2020

1st place: Hortis Culture

2nd place: Greenhouse Spot

3rd place: Biogrower


Best Cannabis Seedshop 2020

1st place: Hemp City

2nd place: Villa Bafo

3rd place: Sporadiko


Best Cannabis Accessory Store 2020

1st place: Sativa Headshop (Thessaloniki)

2nd place: Kannabishop (Athens)

3rd place: Health & Cannabis (Thessaloniki)


Best Cannabis Entrepreneur 2020

1st place: Agapios Chatzioanidis (CBD Greece)

2nd place: Charis Christoforatos (Cbd Oilshop)

3rd place: Alex Dertilis & Konstantinos Tsouroulas (Athens Cannabis Expo)


Best Cannabis Grower 2020

1st place: Christos Yiannopoulos (Hellenic Hemp)

2nd place: Arseniou Vasilis (The Hemp Way)

3rd place: Mike Theodoropoulos (Kannalite, Kannabio)


Congratulations to all winners and to everyone that has contested. This Cup is a way of rewarding their work and sacrifices they made to get to this point. We would like to thank all of them for the products and services they are offering to the cannabis industry of our country.

We will see you to the next Green Greeks Cannabis Cup 2021. Till then we wish you the best!

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