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The 14th issue is out!

With great joy we present to you our 14th issue of February-March 2020

In this issue:

Hemp VS Arthritis: a thorough article about the benefits of cannabis and the ways in which, it combats arthritis, by dr Paraskevas Arseniou. Learn about how CBD helps the human body, as well as the qualities that make it a valuable ally against arthritis.

Health: What is CBV. From the learning series of cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis plant, a lesser-known but important cannabinoid is analysed in this issue. Discover CBV and its properties.

Indoor Grow Technologies. A special tribute to the technologies and methods used in indoor medicinal cannabis production units. Get to know the latest developments on the machinery and automation used.

Research: Tissue Culture. A research on the method of Tissue Culture, that overturns everything in Cannabis production globally. Learn all about this method, which is the new global trend.

Addressing Nutrient Deficiencies for the Cannabis plant. A unique tribute to the nutrient deficiencies that can occur in the cannabis plant and the ways they can be visually identified. This is an essential tool for the grower, in order to understand the needs of the plant directly, only by visual observation.

Science: Dry Sift Hash. From the series “All About Extraction of cannabis”, comes a simple traditional method for the manufacturing of resin. This issue shows a method that does not require the use of any solvent.

Economy: The Illinois (Chicago) model. Learn about the model implemented by the state of Illinois, where Chicago is located, as well as how it legislated on pharmaceutical and recreational cannabis, achieving economic growth and prosperity in this sector.

Industrial Hemp: Hemp protein. Get to know how and why cannabis protein is better in quality than other market options. See the real benefits of cannabis properties that make this protein valuable to those who are interested in healthy diet.

Politics: The results of the consultation of the cannabis industry. See the results of the consultation of the cannabis professionals, through the initiative taken by the magazine to write the questionnaire. Learn about the solutions proposed by the experts in the field on all issues related to the industry.

Tribute: The e-shops of Cannabis. Through this tribute, get to know the cannabis e-shops in Greece. Discover the products and services they provide all over the country.

Recipe: Bisque with Mussels, Shrimp and Hemp. A unique recipe, by Chef Panos Paretzoglou, that presents the composition of seafood with hints of Lemon Haze and a gourmet sauce in the background, especially made for the magazine.

… as well as a variety of articles involving cannabis, on health, science, cultivation and history.

Available in kiosks all over the country…

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