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Legalize Cannabis Protestival 2019

15th Athens Anti-Prohibition Festival

Saturday 11 May 2019

Music Rally   Pl. Kotzia, Monastiraki, Thiseio

4.20 pm – 1am

Despite any fragmented progress made over the last 3 years, cannabis is still illegal. Patients can’t legally find their medicine, users are considered criminals, professionals operate in grey areas, Greek producers are in a hostage-like regime and the state loses huge profits. Election announcements and engagements of parties and candidates do not include cannabis and patients ‘ demands.

But we vote for cannabis!

Legality, entrepreneurship and treatment.

We demand the decriminalisation of possession and domestic cultivation for individual use, operation of non-profit clubs and licensed outlet stores, full service of the patients’  needs and introduction of the patient’s card, a comprehensive and modern model of legal regulation of the production and distribution of cannabis, for medical, recreational, nutritional and industrial use.

Music Rally Saturday, May 11, 2019

  • 4.20 pm: Music Gathering Kotzia Square 
  • 8pm – 10pm: Music March  Kotzia Sq, Monastiraki, Thiseio
  • 10pm  1am: Party in Thiseio

Bring banners, placards and flags.

Music by (alphabetically):

Andri J & DJ Wheel-M, Anna Mystic, Α@Η2Ο, Booker, Fer De Lance, Harris, Kaleya, Indamouse, Insom, SKG’s Dub Alliance, Simos Ares b2b Mr.M, Thanasimos & DJ Twelve, TNT & DJ Gzas,Ψ.

Truth is always the best prevention.

Supported by:

Ηλιόσποροι, Ελευθεριακός Σύνδεσμος Απεξάρτησης (ΕΛΕΥΣΥΝΑ), Σύλλογος Ασθενείς υπέρ της φαρμακευτικής χρήσης Κάνναβης, Σύλλογος ασθενών ΜΑΜΑΚΑ- ΜΑΜΑδες για την ΚΑνναβη, Σύλλογος ΚανναΒοιωτία, 1η Κοινωνική Λέσχη Κάνναβης Θεσσαλονίκης,, Ομάδα Cannabis’Friends, ΚΑΝΝΑΒΙΟ.

Further information:

Undoubtedly 2019 will be the year of cannabis globally. More and more countries change their policies decriminalising possession for personal use and domestic cultivation, while regulating the purchase, production and distribution of nutritional, pharmaceutical and recreational cannabis products. In Greece, good intentions have not been supported by courageous actions and reforms that will bring us to the forefront of the global industry, but also will ensure the rights and health of patients and consumers.

Surely, in the last three years we have seen some progress in the regulation of cultivation of hemp, but also the institutionalisation of the conditions and procedures to authorise the production of cannabis medicines. The interest of farmers increases, already in 2018 more than 600 acres were cultivated with hemp, and we have seen huge interest in pharmaceutical cannabis investments, since there are more than 45 requests in the General Industry Secretariat. More than 70 specialised cannabis stores have opened within a year, while cannabis products have spread to many food and wellness outlets.

However, ordinary cannabis users are still being arrested, as are patients who grow cannabis. No patient has yet received an imported cannabis medicine, although it has been theoretically permitted to import them since 2017. The FDA throws the ball to the pharmaceutical companies, that have not yet expressed any interest in importing a medicine, but also to patients that have not requested enough perscriptions of cannabis medicines. Hemp also faces serious delays, in improving the institutional framework for the cultivation and the creation of a corresponding one for processing.

Possession of cannabis for personal use is still a crime (misdemeanor), as is domestic cultivation. This is a criminal policy that holds hundreds of thousands of cannabis users in Greece, hostages to organised crime that is hoarding. It is a failed policy that relies on repression instead of prevention and has cost us enough.

The decriminalisation of possession for personal use never came, despite all the announcements and political promises, and although we have the Prime Minister’s signature on our fixed demands as early as 2010. The removal of the Conservative government partner has not brought any change and the government is still calculating the “political cost”, that such a proposal will bring, ahead of the forthcoming elections. What he has not realised is that the political costs lie on the backs of those who still support prohibition and repressive policies, and this should also be reflected in the election results.

All over the world cannabis policies are changing, for the medical, pharmaceutical and nutritional use, and more than few countries are prepared to adopt a comprehensive regulation of cannabis for their country’s adult citizens, following the standards of Uruguay, Canada and 10 US states. Myths are overturned and demonisation gives its place to scientific data. Policies based on misinformation and obsession, are replaced by approaches that reduce harm, protect public health and weaken organised crime.

Free cannabis relieves and cures patients, helps people to get rid of addictive drugs or other substances, creates jobs and a booming industry in the global economy. Banning it, unravels the organised crime, intensifying inequalities and increasing damage to our fellow human beings and society.

Criminalisation of possession and domestic cultivation of cannabis for personal use is unconstitutional, while criminalising self-choice an insult to our legal culture. Denial to a patient of his treatment is inhuman and a crime. Cannabis needs to be regulated globally and comprehensively by an independent entity, that will coordinate and implement policies for the production and distribution of cannabis for medical, nutritional, recreational and industrial use. The overall regulation of the plant and the responsible information of patients and doctors, would cover the gap presented by non-access to cannabis medicines due to obstruction by the state.

Political costs lie on the backs of those who still support the disastrous prohibitive policies, that have caused more damage to society, than cannabis itself. The time for a modern and more effective framework for cannabis is now.

We have repeatedly sent out comments and suggestions to the Administration, transferring the agony of patients, users and ordinary citizens, but also international good practices regarding the regulation of cannabis. We declare that we vote for cannabis and we call upon those who expect to represent society, to take a stand.

We break taboos and prejudices, because truth is the best prevention.

Together we can make it!

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