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Impious Hymns with the sounds of Cannabis

Greece has a global uniqueness. It has the longest connection with cannabis music, longer than any country in the world: Rebetiko!

The ban on cannabis started in the 1930s, following internal and external pressures, taking down with it the songs written about it. But that didn’t stand in the way for a multitude of rebetiko artists that continued singing it, and despite the bans during the interwar and the censorship of the decades that followed, they lasted in time and many of those were loved and sang countless times.

So we thought that we ‘d like to celebrate, as a thank you to these glorious forms of discography that kept the Rebetiko and Cannabis alive through their insurmountable creations, with a grand concert on April 20, 2019 in the Klisto Paleou Falirou (Tae Kwon Do)!

A musical journey that begins in the late 19th century, makes a passage from Smyrna and Piraeus, travels with the first rebetika of the prohibition era and continues in the post-war period with songs that kept alive this unique international music!

“… These songs we are discussing now, because of their lyrics of course, the state power, a part of the audience, even our colleagues of other music genres, have regarded them for years as unhealthy and trash of the underworld, antisocial and dangerous. Just as they thought of the ones that wrote and sang them. But let them all know that these songs, inspired by the souls of the inconsolable, innocent and honest laborers of the folk music, will live forever holding with them the boldness, the pride and the truth of their art. “

Bagianteras (from his unpublished testimonies)

The songs in this three-hour exhilarating journey, are performed by a six-member rebetic orchestra of bouzouki/baglama and a four-member Smyrnaean organ orchestra and are framed by performers who love them as something special and sacred.

Get ready for many surprises, with songs as they were before they were censored, others that have never been performed, as well as stories unknown to the general public!

Impious Hymns with the sounds of Cannabis

Organized by: Electra-event organizing –  Museum of Cannabis

20 April 2019

Klisto Paleou Falirou (Tae Kwon Do) 

Starts: 21:00

Duration: 3 – 3,5 hours

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Phone Number: 2152151841

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The Green Greeks Magazine

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