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Dab art: A real and smoky form of art

by julian Grey

Hemp and creativity:

Cannabis concentrates exist for many years, but only recently have received the appropriate attention. Not only they can  be smoked, but are also useful as therapeutic and at the same time recreational products.

The new trend is that now they can be used for decorative purposes. Do you have an artistic side? Perhaps you would like to know that you can get your passion for marijuana to an entirely new level.
There is a variety of forms produced by authentic artists, delicate pieces created by loving people, who have been working on this form of art for more than a decade, using different resins.

This new art form has earned the admiration of people who are passionate about marijuana. They are made from extracts of hemp oil and take shape (literally) thanks to their own personal use. The figures are made of small quantities of condensed resin, produced from cannabis, and their main components are cannabinoid THC and CBD, as well as terpenes, which provide marijuana with flavor and aroma.

Concentrates can be of three types: glass, wax or honey (the latter is also called cannabis butane oil or BHO) as the resin can be extracted using butane, liquid nitrogen or CO2. Depending on each of these elements, there are several styles that are used in different situations. This new art form has a lot to offer while artists certainly have the inspiration to create.

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