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There is a better life waiting for us… Jacqueline Poitras

At least once a week, I hear someone asking the question, “So, is it for everything?” They refer to Cannabis and the question is expressed in different ways and in different styles – from mistrust and irony up to, usually, hope. Years ago, I would answer, not wanting to confirm this mistrust, by saying ‘Exaggeration’, ‘Maybe not for everything, but for many … one test will reveal if it helps or not.’ Today I keep the second part of the answer but I am much more open to the first part. Every day, new studies on cannabis use come out and countries in the world are changing their laws – every day we learn about applications that we didn’t know before.

When I started out my involvement with the plant five years ago, I was only interested in epilepsy – as this is the condition that concerns my own family (see article in the first issue of the magazine). However, as I was looking for this use, I found out about other illnesses that were improved with cannabis – sometimes only with CBD, sometimes with a combination of CBD + THC and, more recently, with the help of other cannabinoids that are slowly appearing in the market or from plant varieties that have larger quantities of other cannabinoids and terpenes. At first I learned about Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s, headaches and insomnia, psoriasis, glaucoma, Chron’s disease and arthritis. The conditions that were in the list of this question began to multiply and every day someone would appear in the facebook self-help group (see the end of the article) with a condition I had not heard before and explained how they had seen improvement –or even cure – using cannabis. Many times someone asks us “Is it for…?” And now my answer is “very likely”.

Outstanding scientists around the world are now working with cannabis to relieve pain and improve the quality of life of their patients. Names such as Dr. Dustin Sulak, Dr. Bonni Goldstein or Mara Gordon attract respect and a touch of awe for the work they do and for the cases of people who they have literally saved when they couldn’t find a cure in the way of classical medical treatment. And indeed, Dr. Ethan Russo has suggested that a large number of diseases faced by humanity – and especially the Αutoimmune Diseases – are caused by a malfunction / insufficiency of the endocannabinoid system.

I often find myself in a difficult situation, because my contact with patients, ‘first line’ on a daily basis, has taught me that there is hope for everything. I never say to a patient “I don’t think …” anymore, because my eyes have seen a lot and my ears heard so much. So I decided to mention some cases where patients saw results, where there was no hope. You can read other patient testimonies on the MAMAKA website in ‘Success stories’ – don’t think they are few – we just started the archive.

Chrohn’s disease –Ulcerous / Irritable bowel syndrome – Mary

Mary is 40 years old and she tells us: “I have Crohn’s disease for 21 years now. I have done 13 hernia surgeries and 34 hospitalizations. I had a stroke at 28 and a surgery due to carotid aneurysm at my 29th. So much physical and mental pain… 150 days today, since CBD 10% came into my life, no pain, no hypertension, no insomnia, but most importantly 150 days without drugs and meperidine ”

Psoriatic Arthritis – Solon

Solon was diagnosed 30 years ago: Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. “I fought with medicines and ointments, acupuncture, homeopathy and diets. I tried everything new. The pain was unbearable, I couldn’t sleep or self-handle myself. Hip, waist, shoulders, neck, hands, with a wound in the skin, unable to stand socially and professionally. At some point I became aware of the healing value of cannabis. Without the plethora of knowledge that is circulating in the Internet today and with laws that were facing you, and still face you today, as a criminal, I was looking for the right one for me, that which would do me well. For 17 years now, I have no other health problems, not with psoriasis and arthritis, nor with anything else that would accompany my age. ”

Neuromyalgia – Marina

Marina after 10 months of use of cannabis oil has to say the following:

“Health problems: neuropathic pain due to hernia in the waist…. musculoskeletal pain intense and in several parts of the body … anxiety … a very recent diagnosis of Rheumatic Polymyalgia. Drugs that I was receiving up to 8 months ago: anti-inflammatory, pain killers, anxiolytics, muscle relaxants and cortisone injections. Results from cannabis use: neuropathic pain – 80% improvement, musculoskeletal pain 70% – improvement, almost non-existent anxiety (all these months I have become anxious twice). As for the other medicines, there were few times i needed them. We must be patient and persistance. It takes some time, but this amazing plant always works! ”

SoniaArachnoid Cyst from birth

From a close friend and partner for his friend Sonia – who had given her cannabis oil some time ago: “2.3 centimeters in the right temple, a bronchial aesthetic cyst. Symptoms: dizziness, vertigo, and sluring. After 6 months with oil (5% thc + 0.2% cbd) they found no trace of it, in recent MRI scan. Symptoms were gone after the first 2 months, but now it was revealed by the MRI. Doctors are fuddled… ”

There are so many stories I can tell you – I couldn’t, even if i had all the magazine available to me. Can I tell you about autistic children who spoke for the first time after years in silence? Can I tell you about people with epilepsy who stopped their treatment after starting with cannabis and are without seizures since? Can I tell you about cancer patients who were in the final stage and still live today with a very good quality of life? Or should I better tell you about my girlfriend, Asimenia, who was one step away from the Wheelchair and today you can see her walking with her high-heels and enjoying it?

I don’t want to give the impression that the plant is like a magic wand. There are many cases where we did not see the improvement we were expecting and there are also people we have lost. There are people who have tried for a long time and turned to drugs because we couldn’t find the ideal dosage and proportion that matched them. But can I say something else? I deeply believe that in these cases there was a solution as well. The violent interruption of research and the loss of popular knowledge and medical clinical experience over the past 80 years have left their signs. With thousands of plant varieties, with over 100 cannabinoids and hundreds of terpenes and flavonoids in countless combinations, it makes sense that we find it difficult today to find a solution in many instances. But I am convinced that with patience, persistence and observation, everyone will, sooner or later, improve their health. And it doesn’t matter if this problem is great or small: we have in our hands a precious ally that will change the quality of our everyday life, whichever that is.

Good healing to everyone – there’s a better life waiting for us. As long as we want it.

You will find translation and comments from Simos Dalkiriadis – whom we warmly thank for his dedication to the information – in the club’s website ΜΑΜΑΚΑ – ΜΑΜΑδες για την ΚΑνναβη. , Oμάδα Aυτοβοήθειας:

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