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The first Cannabis Museum in USA

by MairyJane

In one of the most eccentric cities in the world, that of Las Vegas, the first cannabis museum in USA has officially opened its doors. Unfortunately, those visiting the museum will not be able to use cannabis inside the premises, as public use continues to be considered illegal in the state of Nevada. Visitors can learn through 12 sections about the psychoactive effects of cannabis, its relation with herbalism and chemistry and  the history and the rise of the culture of recreational cannabis, which made the big bang in USA in the 60s. Inside the museum you will also find the largest glass bong, which they call ‘bongzila’, offering each visitor a selfie of another level.

The state of Nevada has legalized cannabis on July 1, 2017 and has, since, received 68.9 million in tax from the cannabis industry. It was only 140 times more than the predicted profit! In the first year of legalization, 61 licensed cannabis pharmacies have opened, of which 47 are located in the Las Vegas Valley. Although this is the first Cannabis museum in USA, it’s not the world’s first cannabis museum, as there are already museums in Austria, Spain and is meant in Amsterdam.

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