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Change in Society and Thinking

by The Green Greek

There are moments in time that trigger changes, in society as well as in us. These great changes may find some unprepared, some indifferent to them and some who may grab the unique opportunity and come forward as pioneers. All we need to do is to realize these changes, in order to build a global perception and to think, consider and move accordingly.

Change in society

Although social disapproval was expected on this venture, as it has been a taboo issue for most, however, there was a social acceptance from the vast majority of the world. This is normal, considering the dozens of researches and studies- that have come to light and de-lionized this plant- and the years, during which, the beneficial benefits, of cannabis and its sub-products, have been identified. Let us not forget the great number of people, who have been using it just for fun, through many generations over the last 50 years. Therefore, there was already a familiarity on this issue, which was underestimated over the years. It is indicative that the elderly, who were expected to react, not only did not do so, but they have participated in this movement, by constantly seeking information and showing that they are up to date regarding this issue. This acceptance has played a decisive role in this generation as well as in the new one. More and more home and family products has made their appearance, encouraging family leaders to learn about the benefits of cannabis in many areas. The search for these products has provided knowledge, even to people who didn’t know about cannabis before, while their interest in organic CBD goods that would improve the quality of their – and their childrens’ – lives, has helped to see the whole thing from a different perspective. As a result, cannabis became widely accepted by people and society.

Change in politics

At this point, it is also worth considering the political consequences of legalization and the political opening in this area. Politics has the risk of failure in every new venture and it is what characterizes a political party. In this area the SYRIZA government has played and won both the impressions and the game. Decriminalization has brought both political and economic benefits, while there has been no serious reactions from the rest of the parties. So this bold move has offered a position of supremacy and confirmation for the government that was much needed. Let us not forget the appreciation for this move, by the younger generations who is going to be the future voters and opening to them is a primary target for every political party. If young people stabilize politically, they will not be moving and they will continue to vote for their party for many more years. Therefore, political change is already happening and its results will be seen in the years to come.

Change in economy

Greece may be a small country, but as we all know, with great prospects. This includes the new financial opening in global markets through the production of pharmaceutical cannabis. The Netherlands and Germany were traditionally reigning, with America and Canada entering, later on, in the game. In this international economic moment, Greece’s environment is politically and climatically ideal for such investments. Such investments have recently come to Greece, with the influx of foreign capital from different countries, happening simultaneously. The opportunities that emerge are great. Dozens of industries benefit, from manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies and a number of professions will be enhanced by this move. Let’s also not forget the number of job opportunities that will emerge when all these units start functioning as well as the job openings in the distribution shops of these products. The dynamics of the cannabis sector could provide a powerful boost to the economy, leading to the corresponding changes. The opportunities and prospects for the development of this sector can have a positive impact on both the investment and overall economy.

Change in agriculture

The new bill paves the way for the creation of many hi-tech greenhouses, as the standards that are set are the same as those of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, the shift to scientific culture and new technologies is a given. This has the effect of upgrading the level of knowledge of the Greek agronomists in the long run and in turn to lead to further upgrading of the quality of the crops and the final product. Corresponding departments are already being created in agricultural schools throughout Greece, with research and study to follow. The potential for the entry of Hemp and high CBD(and low THC) Cannabis, tends to replace traditional agriculture. These crops do not require a lot of funds and have a much looser legal and technical framework, making them particularly popular in the lower economic sectors involved in agriculture. Therefore, the change in agriculture is upstream, while the prospects for evolution in this area are constantly rising.

Change in Medical World

Until recently, Greek doctors did not take a stand on this issue, waiting for validated studies and research to prove the usefulness of cannabis in dozens of diseases that concerned a big part of society. Nowadays, the voices from the medical world that support the use of Cannabinoids are increasing, while most of them are positive or rather positive with only a few still holding concerns. The solution of cannabis, in a large number of diseases is preferred, compared to conventional drugs, as it has no side effects and seems to have immediate effects in most cases. Let’s not forget the influx of foreign products with CBD, from foreign as well as Greek companies, that flood pharmacies or specialized stores. So the change in the medical world is coming and it is going to alter the data in this field as well.


Change has come and drives with it a great part of the market, as well as an ever-growing community that now sees the issue of cannabis positively. Changing the way that people and society think, as a whole, is a fact. This is going to lead to further regulation, economic activities, increased exports, upgrade of agriculture and a number of different areas that will prosper. From now on, the ever-increasing interest in the world and the business around cannabis will be growing, leading to an overall change in thinking and in society itself.

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