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Cannabis as a Super-food

by Teodor Kanchev

Many experiments have already explored the health benefits of cannabis, and yet there’s hardly any talk about the benefits of raw cannabis consumption. From a nutritional point of view, cannabis should be included in the list of super-foods along with spinach and broccoli.

Raw cannabis is ideal and one can make a better use of its healing properties through ingestion. Raw cannabis activates more effectively the cannabinoid system of the brain, which in turn activates the release of antioxidants. These antioxidants will effectively relieve the body of the damaged cells. New studies, also, argue that consumption of raw cannabis can cure more illness, than any other consumption method, such as fibromyalgia, bowel cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

There is another reason why cannabis-based foods have become so popular these days. Cannabis leaves and seeds are not only high in protein but contain the perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Also, when using raw hemp, you do not consume THC or CBD. Instead, you consume the acidic forms of these ingredients, Cannabidinic Acid (CBD-A) and Tetrahydrocannabinic Acid (THC-A). Like the rest of the components of raw cannabis, CBD-A and THC-A, are also very good antioxidants. Recent experiments, has shown that these ingredients may be powerful healers of serious medical conditions, such as cancer. The best and most popular methods to consume raw cannabis for 2018 are:


Cannabis is usually a bit bitter, so you can make your own fruit or vegetable combinations for maximum enjoyment.


In a few steps, chop or cut hemp into pieces by combining colors and fragrances. Then add the dressing of your choice for a unique taste experience that will lift you up.


Add fresh cannabis along with herbs and spices of your choice for a refreshing breakfast.

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