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International and local political developments concerning cannabis. The views, political and non-political, of persons on the subject, as well as the social dimensions that arise.

The sizes and data of the Cannabis Economy

Stefanos Gialamas
The economic figures for cannabis are impressive. According to UN estimates, nearly 3.9% of the world’s population uses cannabis, with its illegal global market exceeding $145 billion per year: that’s nearly $400 million in daily turnover – 397 to be precise. Perhaps after that, the data on the legal global...

30 places for cannabis | By Kleanthis Grivas

Yanna Kanakaki
By Kleanthis Grivas Cannabis 1.Cannabis is a plant of the genus knidodes, includes only one species, Cannabis sativa and exists in nature in more than a hundred variations (cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis, etc.), which differ from each other mainly in their content in certain active substances. 2.For millennia cannabis played...

Medical cannabis and self-cultivation

Yanna Kanakaki
The European Parliament, in its resolution on non-conventional medicine of 29.5.1997, accepted that ‘it is important to guarantee patients the widest possible freedom of treatment’. By Dimitris Papanikolopoulos* Those who are opposed to the self-cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes seem to me to be worth considering an opposing argument....

The mistakes of the past

Yanna Kanakaki
by The Green Greek The history of the past is a great teacher for the future. From our mistakes we learn a lot about ourselves, the ways we operate and think, society and its structures, as well as how others work. It is these mistakes that will lead us to...

Review: Politics

Stefanos Gialamas
In the context of informing readers, we took stock of the previous year’s topics, summarizing the articles written by category. We present to you for each thematic unit the articles and the issue in which we published them. Thematic Unit: Politics In this section we present the issues concerning the...

10+1 steps for the cannabis industry in Greece

Stefanos Gialamas
Many will say, here ships are lost and they are still dealing with cannabis. Others will think that the problems of the world right now are so many, that cannabis is the last thing they want to deal with. There are, of course, those who listen to cannabis and are...

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