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All health discoveries related to cannabis (discoveries, studies, research and health).

They defeated the seizure with… hemp!

Stefanos Gialamas
About 14% of epilepsy sufferers in Australia use medicinal cannabis to control their seizures when antiepileptic drugs have side effects and are not tolerated, and when their epilepsy cannot be controlled in another way, reveals the first national poll to investigate people’s experiences and views on cannabis use. The poll...

Cannabis against obesity;

Stefanos Gialamas
Of particular interest is the latest discovery by British scientists about the beneficial properties of the “forbidden” plant. As they found two components of cannabis leaves can increase the amount of energy that “burns” the body, accelerating metabolism, thus helping both in the fight against obesity and diabetes. In contrast...

The basic substance of cannabis has anticancer properties

Stefanos Gialamas
The main substance of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, may reduce the growth of cancerous tumors, according to a new British-Spanish scientific research in laboratory animals The discovery will stimulate the pharmaceutical industry to create synthetic equivalents of this substance, which will have anticancer properties. Although the new study highlights a possible positive...

Medicinal cannabis: The University of Athens has launched research

Yanna Kanakaki
KANNAVI: After the passage of the bill for the complete decriminalization of the cultivation and use of medicinal cannabis and the liberalization of cultivation in the country’s universities for research purposes, The Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products of the National and Kapodistrian University recently concluded the first...

Cannabinoid Acids – Κανναβινοειδή Οξέα

Yanna Kanakaki
Decarboxylation and Terpenes in Cannabinoid Essences by Sama’a Djomehri The Cannabis plant producesan impressively diverse range of medicinal compounds, containing over 100 known cannabinoids and 200terpenoids contained in its resin. But the plant biosynthesizes cannabinoids in their acidic forms, such as THCA, CBDA, or CBGA, characterized by the presence of...

There is a better life that awaits us… Jacqueline Poitras

Yanna Kanakaki
At least once a week I will hear from someone the question “I mean, does he do everything?” Cannabis is referred to and asked in different ways and in a different tone – from disbelief to irony to, usually, hope. Years ago I said myself, not wanting to confirm this...

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