Category : History/Activism

The activist work of the pioneers, who fought for cannabis rights. The stories and actions of these people, their personal experiences and their social work.

30 places for cannabis | By Kleanthis Grivas

Yanna Kanakaki
By Kleanthis Grivas Cannabis 1.Cannabis is a plant of the genus knidodes, includes only one species, Cannabis sativa and exists in nature in more than a hundred variations (cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis, etc.), which differ from each other mainly in their content in certain active substances. 2.For millennia cannabis played...

Medical cannabis and self-cultivation

Yanna Kanakaki
The European Parliament, in its resolution on non-conventional medicine of 29.5.1997, accepted that ‘it is important to guarantee patients the widest possible freedom of treatment’. By Dimitris Papanikolopoulos* Those who are opposed to the self-cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes seem to me to be worth considering an opposing argument....

Thessaloniki: Parents for the medical use of cannabis for palliative reasons in their sick children

Yanna Kanakaki
“When your child has a serious health problem, you are forced out of the beaten track. ” Thus, the movement for the decriminalization of the use of cannabis for medical / pharmaceutical reasons became and changed “speed”, when parents who face health issues of their children with the use of...

Notes from the days of the pioneers: The Founding of Berkeley Patients’ Group. The early years of medicinal cannabis in California

Yanna Kanakaki
By Grandmama Purple It was fall of 1999. As a young student interested in herbal medicines, I was blessed with the invitation to work at one of the first medicinal cannabis hospitals in the country, The Berkeley Patients’ Group, in Berkeley, California, on the San Francisco coast. California was the...

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