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Tours and stories in the places where cannabis is legal, especially tributes to topics related to art and cannabis, creativity, cooking, as well as suggested films, series, documentaries, focusing on cannabis.

Dab art: A true art form

Yanna Kanakaki
by Julian Grey Cannabis and creativity: Cannabis concentrates have been around for many years, but only recently have received the appropriate attention. Not only can they be smoked, but they are also useful as therapeutic and at the same time recreational products. The new trend is that now they can...

The first Cannavis Museum in America

Yanna Kanakaki
by MairyJane In one of the most eccentric cities in the world, that of Las Vegas, the first cannabis museum in America officially opened its doors. Unfortunately, those who visit the museum will not be able to use cannabis in the facilities, as public use is still considered illegal in...

Puff Pass and Paint

Yanna Kanakaki
by Julian Grey Cannabis since antiquity has inspired artists from all over the world with countless examples that survive to this day. It is this plant that is responsible for the diversity of ideas, social-social currents and colors in art and culture Now spread around the world, cannabis is the...

Ice cream with hemp flavor in Thessaloniki!

Stefanos Gialamas
  by MairyJane A very original and delicious idea has been circulating for some time in the center of Thessaloniki. Once again, the city of the north is pioneering and serving the first cannabis-flavored ice cream! At the CBD World store, you’ll find the first cannabidiol (CBD)...

Candy Cake with German Chocolate and Hemp

Stefanos Gialamas
• 1 Package 500 gr. blend for German Chocolate cake • 250 ml semi-sweet chocolate crumbs • 150 grams of evaporated milk • 350 grams of candy cubes • 175 ml butter with hemp extract • 250 grams of...

420 Festival Thessaloniki / Athens

Yanna Kanakaki
For those who know there are many opinions about the origin of the 420. For most people, the code name given by the Waldos at their daily appointment at 04:20 has been established as a code symbol-number! The 420 Festival returns for the third year at 20.4 to bring us...

Troparia with the sounds of cannabis

Yanna Kanakaki
Greece has a global peculiarity. It has the longest-standing connection of music to cannabis than any other country in the world. The rebetiko! The ban on cannabis began in the 30s, after internal and external pressures, dragging along the songs that had been written about it. This, however, did not...

What is the notorious 420?

Stefanos Gialamas
by MairyJane More and more somewhere you will have happened to hear the infamous phrase that he hears in the name 420. Three simple figures are sufficient to characterise the whole concept behind smoking cannabis, its liberalisation and decriminalisation at a global level. Every year on April 20, people around...

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