Category : Economy

The economics and opportunities that arise in the business world of cannabis (companies and sectors, presentations, forecasts)

The sizes and data of the Cannabis Economy

Stefanos Gialamas
The economic figures for cannabis are impressive. According to UN estimates, nearly 3.9% of the world’s population uses cannabis, with its illegal global market exceeding $145 billion per year: that’s nearly $400 million in daily turnover – 397 to be precise. Perhaps after that, the data on the legal global...

The Model of Alaska

Yanna Kanakaki
by Lyriel & Peter Bee There are many reasons to love Alaska, breathtaking wild landscapes, beautiful ordinary people, impressive animals, and now, it is the northernmost cannabis industry in America. Alaska is one of eight U.S. states that have passed laws that legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Voters approved the...

Review: Economy

Stefanos Gialamas
In the context of informing readers, we took stock of the previous year’s topics, summarizing the articles written by category. We present to you for each thematic unit the articles and the issue in which we published them. Thematic Unit: Economy In this section we present the economic issues of...

Energy Efficiency

Stefanos Gialamas
Today indoor cultivation facilities are energy intensive, as they must provide every stimulus for plants: Control of light, temperature and humidity, nutrients and airflow. Indoor cultivation allows you to be very precise in providing these stimuli, at the cost of a very high energy budget. In general, indoor cultivation can...

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