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All cannabis events that take place worldwide, on a pharmaceutical, business and recreational level, as well as the characteristics of each one.

International Cannabis Exhibition in Thessaloniki

Yanna Kanakaki
G. Boutaris: “To decriminalize the use of cannabis” For the first time, Thessaloniki hosts the International Cannabis Exhibition. The event will last until Sunday evening and about 70 exhibitors present their products. Pharmaceutical preparations, food items, clothing, cosmetics, atomizers, seeds, building materials, agricultural and industrial equipment and applications are some...

The Emerald Cup – Happy New Year Green Greeks!

Yanna Kanakaki
Selector G here, from your future! Today I will share with you some of my experiences at the Emerald Cup competition at the Santa Rosa, California, exhibition hall in December 2018. The Emerald Cup competition judges various categories of organic, open cannabis cultivation, including flowers, spirits, edibles and themes. This...

Dab art: A true art form

Yanna Kanakaki
by Julian Grey Cannabis and creativity: Cannabis concentrates have been around for many years, but only recently have received the appropriate attention. Not only can they be smoked, but they are also useful as therapeutic and at the same time recreational products. The new trend is that now they can...

420 Festival Thessaloniki / Athens

Yanna Kanakaki
For those who know there are many opinions about the origin of the 420. For most people, the code name given by the Waldos at their daily appointment at 04:20 has been established as a code symbol-number! The 420 Festival returns for the third year at 20.4 to bring us...

Troparia with the sounds of cannabis

Yanna Kanakaki
Greece has a global peculiarity. It has the longest-standing connection of music to cannabis than any other country in the world. The rebetiko! The ban on cannabis began in the 30s, after internal and external pressures, dragging along the songs that had been written about it. This, however, did not...

Review: Activities

Stefanos Gialamas
In the context of informing readers, we took stock of the previous year’s topics, summarizing the articles written by category. We present to you for each thematic unit the articles and the issue in which we published them. Thematic Unit: Activities In this section we present every month 10 of...

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