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Thessaloniki: Parents for the medical use of cannabis for palliative reasons in their sick children

“When your child has a serious health problem, you are forced out of the beaten track. ” Thus, the movement for the decriminalization of the use of cannabis for medical / pharmaceutical reasons became and changed “speed”, when parents who face health issues of their children with the use of cannabis came out and talked about the use of cannabis”, Jacqueline Poitras from the Association MAMAKA (MAMADS for Cannabis) told ANA-MPA, on the occasion of salonika cannabis expo 2018 that begins today at Porto Palace in Thessaloniki and ends on September 30th.

It is parents, in other words, who have given impetus to the movement in favour of the medical use of cannabis. “The pressure to use cannabis for medical reasons was exerted from the bottom up, by patients who were in relief, towards the state. Now cannabis, recognized by the Greek state as a medicinal product, has entered our lives for good”, says Mrs. Poitras who on Sunday 30/09, at 16:00, will speak at the exhibition with Simos Dalkyriadis and Solon Tazoglou, members of the First Social Cannabis Club of Thessaloniki, on “Understanding the medical use of cannabis”.

As Mrs. Poitras explains, the club started from a name, “MAMAKA”, a tribute to all the mothers who were fighting for a new conception of health.

“Let me make it clear, of course, that we are not talking about treating diseases but about relieving the symptoms and, consequently, about a better quality of life for patients. It does not cure, for example, multiple sclerosis, but it helps to manage the symptoms”, says Mrs. Poitras and cites as an example a woman with hardening who when she started using cannabis was stuck in a wheelchair and then helped her to get up from it and live with less pain.

“Our Association has a mutual support team with 10,000 members where we exchange information and empirical approaches to each disease using cannabidiol (CBD), an organic compound and one of at least 85 cannabinoids present in cannabis. Cannadiol is legal since it is not psychotropic. We have seen results in epileptic, autoimmune diseases and various neurological diseases, while abroad, for many years, patients generally prefer the use of cannabis for palliative use.”

The reactions are usually generated, according to Ms. Poitras, by the use of the psychoactive effect that has a single chemical compound in cannabis, THC, which, however, “can cause apoptosis of cancer cells, which could be thoroughly investigated if the substance were not classified as illegal”.

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