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The mistakes of the past

by The Green Greek

The history of the past is a great teacher for the future.

From our mistakes we learn a lot about ourselves, the ways we operate and think, society and its structures, as well as how others work. It is these mistakes that will lead us to frictions, criticisms, disagreements and injustices, but it is up to us to turn them into knowledge and with them to form a broader concept that will lead us closer to integration. If we do not correct them, we are doomed to repeat them.

The past…

The unfair ban on cannabis began in different parts of the earth from the 18th century, while in Greece the first move was made in 1890. But it was his year 1925 where it was declared worldwide illegal from the “League of Nations”, an organization that was transformed after the Second World War into a “United Nations”, starting a domino of prohibitions across the planet. In 1937 America followed through political and social propaganda, thus sealing the injustice created against a valuable plant and man himself. This move stepped on the ignorance of the world that was quickly reined in and, feeling the fear where various organizations and interests cultivated, he renounced cannabis by believing those who represented it. Politicians believed experts and scientists, who in turn, supported by economic and other interests, turned a plant into an enemy of society. Moreover , the methods of misleading the mass are known, since they are repeated from antiquity until today. Fear gives birth to many evils and leads us to wrong conclusions. The distortion of reality and the control of society and the economy have always been tools for those who knew the truth, but also for those who never wanted to see it.

The war against ”drugs”…

Every action brings a reaction, both to society and to ourselves. The more man believes that he is being wronged or threatened, the greater and more desperate his reaction will be. But this reaction will also provoke action from those who question the system and its structure, thus leading to conflict and violence. This is how the famous war on drugs in 1971 began, but this brought rather opposite results! In the nearly half-century that followed, illegal trade flourished, mortality rates soared, violence was rampant, people’s lives and property were destroyed, and society was divided. The price of both drugs and cannabis skyrocketed, prisons were filled and the misery of people and their families from this stigma destroyed prosperity and development. It was ultimately this war that brought everything we feared, because it was our fear that brought the war.

The overthrow….

In this maelstrom of events, various people they wanted to understand and correct this injustice. They questioned prohibitions and prejudice, opposed mass and logic, explored this plant, its properties, the components that make it up, and discovered its beneficial properties. They thus demolished the wall of prejudice and wanted to share their knowledge with the whole world. They were quickly stigmatized as activists, dangerous, enemies of society and marginalized so that their voices would not be heard. But the truth always comes to the surface, no matter how long it is delayed, no matter how blocked it may be. Those who were not afraid of prohibition and reaction worked hard, experimented, researched and they came to the truth even if it was illegal. The one scientific study succeeded the other and the discoveries both in the medical field as well as in the psychological effects began to create a a rushing torrent that was destined to change the happenings on a global scale. Doctors, academics, scientists and politicians began to realize the benefits of cannabis and demystify the myth that had been built. Even then, however, conservative voices hindered the development of society by highlighting the concerns and prejudices that created it all. How far back or forth a society can go is a collective decision and concerns us all. The search for truth has always been an innate component of our society and the driving force of our evolution.

No krypton from the sun…

There is now an upgraded global perception of cannabis and how much it can influence events and developments. Health, economic well-being, the environment and technology can benefit greatly if we deal wisely with this new knowledge that we have acquired. Only then can we say that mistakes have benefited us. They were the things that led us to the wisdom and self-awareness we have today. Now it is up to us to learn from them and not repeat them again. So that we never make the same mistakes again. Only then will we be led to our prosperity and integration. The timings are favorable and the conditions are ideal for us to progress and make our society better. Let’s move forward this time with confidence and let the mistakes all this teach us…

History is written only once. Let’s write it right this time…

The Green Greeks Magazine

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