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The Epic of Hellenic Hemp

A new company comes to shake the waters in the world of cannabis, with its impressive flowers, unique aromas, high quality and unparalleled beauty of their products. It is Hellenic Hemp, an innovative company that was founded during the most difficult time for new ventures, immediately after the first lock down. In a Greece where all stores were closing and optimism had faded away, three young people decided to go against this wave and create something new, beautiful and creative.

With a lot of love and passion they began to plan their future defying the dangers and the general climate, having confidence in their vision to create new standards in the cannabis market. Their goal was to highlight the Greek flower and reach such high levels that it competes comfortably and surpasses the imported flowers. Defying the stereotypes of the market, that supposedly foreign flowers are better, they proved to everyone that Greece has potential and potential to reach very high.

Thus, they began a journey throughout Greece, passing through all the cultivations of industrial hemp, in order to appreciate the prospects and the potential of Greek growers. After thousands of kilometers of tours and quests they arrived in mountainous Arcadia where they met the best Greek cannabis grower. It was a shocking moment because not only did they finally find what they were looking for, namely the best cannabis crop of all they had seen, but also a rare man with principles, ethos and infinite knowledge about this plant. Since then, a strong friendship has been formed that would determine the future of all and change forever the scene of the cannabis industry in our country.

After a highly successful summer and a promising autumn, the dream came true and so they reached the point of seeing such a beautiful and successful crop that in no way had to envy from those of California and Colorado. Knowing now that they have created such high quality flowers they decided to highlight them in an expensive and luxurious packaging that would be proportional to its content. They chose the most expensive and difficult material, glass, which protects against corrosion of the flower and matures it in a process called Curing. In this process the flower loses its chlorophyll while it develops sugars and its taste and aroma is highlighted. This happens only inside a glass jar. In packages consisting of plastic, the flower cannot be treated and in addition it rots or molds if it is not consumed immediately, so plastic packaging has never been an option for the lovers. On the contrary, in the glass jar it is preserved as the day it was cut and gets better the longer it sits in the jar, something resembling the old wine. Therefore they found a way for the blossom to get better as it sits on the shelf and to stay over time.

They created in this way 5 products and framed them in a luxurious package with black and gold color, which highlights the quality and personality of these flowers. They chose ancient Greek names and figures from antiquity to emphasize the Greekness of the products, thus reversing the stereotypes, so that someone is proud to see them. They decided to include the analyses of cannabinoids and terpenes on the back of the package, something groundbreaking for the industry, while keeping the whole style discreet unlike other competing products that only show a number (the content of Cbd).

Having created this innovation, they proceeded to the disposal of flowers through a network of selected stores and their website, which it is worth noting that it is also pioneering. Visiting the one can see as a diary all the stages of development of the plant, from birth to harvesting. Truly a very innovative experience and perhaps the only website in Greece, but also in Europe, where one can navigate the history of the plant through the passage of time.

The recognition did not take long to come, the first impressions of the world were positive, and their evaluations were really moving. The acceptance of the people in this whole venture was the confirmation for the founders of Hellenic Hemp that it was worth the whole effort. The moral reward was what filled them with strength and optimism to continue and reach the top.

The recognition did not take long to come! In the first Panhellenic Cannabis Cup 2020 organized by our magazine, they swept the awards! In a celebratory recognition of this effort, they won 4 Awards, winning 3 firsts and a second place, making history:

  • 1st place in the category “Best Greek Blossom
  • 2nd place in the category “Best Cannabis Blossom” (where all the flowers from abroad participated)
  • 1st place in the category “Best Cannabis Packaging
  • 1st place in the category “Best Greek Grower

Their course through time could become a comfortable film, with the most beautiful ending ever imagined, highlighting in the most obvious way that dreams, when there is vision and passion, come true. Their history comes to fill us with hopes that in the Greek reality there are still opportunities and prospects as long as someone believes it in him. It is a story of optimism and recognition that shows that with determined work and dedication we can achieve a lot, no matter how difficult the conditions around us may be.

So let’s keep this example illuminating us in the future because anything is possible when it is done with faith, methodicality, dedication and a good heart. We wish these young people all the best in their journey because they deserve it and we thank them for showing us that there is a future in the cannabis industry of our country and that when the will is there, dreams come true.

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