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The center of textile and medicinal cannabis is northern Greece with investments of 255 million euros. Euro

This was stressed by Dionysis  Sarmazanidis, shareholder and director of “Cannatec Greece”, a subsidiary of  the “Golden Greece Holdings” group,  speaking to ampe. As he has already mentioned, agreements have been made with companies in Europe for the disposal of the company’s production. One of them is with the automaker Mercedes, which is one of the many companies that use hemp to build parts in its vehicles.

In April or May 2019, cannatec Greece’s processing plant for textile and medicinal cannabis in Kilkis is going to be in operation, in an area of 50 acres that has already been purchased, as pointed out by Mr. Sarmazanidis.

“At the moment we are waiting for the building permits to come out and as soon as we get them, in the space of six months, the manufacturing plant in Kilkis will be built, led by a consortium of a Greek and Israeli company. The presence of the latter was deemed necessary, mainly because of the special machines they have”, he pointed out, adding that in the first phase 150 million euros will be invested. However, the business plan concerns the allocation of an additional EUR 350 million. within three years.

According to him, the processing plant for textile and medicinal cannabis in Kilkis will have sufficient capacity to be able to process the production of 50,000 acres. With the operation of the factory in Kilkis, ten executives, administrative staff and agronomists will come from Canada, with the latter organizing regular seminars for the education and training of producers. “Initially, the staff will be for 80 people, while in September 2019 we will reach 200,” he said.

However, in addition to the aforementioned investment, Mr. Sarmazanidis notified ampe that  four other consortia of companies, under the umbrella of the “parent company” of the Golden Greece Holdings group, have already launched investments in the processing of medicinal cannabis in Polykastro (EUR 70 million), Lagadas (EUR 15 million) and Veria (EUR 20 million).

As far as the interest of Greek producers in B. Greece, Mr. Sarmazanidis pointed out that there is a strong record, but as he added some more adventurous have already produced a product, which is of excellent quality. Others have a wait-and-see attitude in order to have a complete picture from their colleagues of the demands of cultivation, the production costs and the benefits for their pockets.

In this context, Mr. Sarmazanidis said “the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, but also the Greek government as a whole, is assisting us in all the steps we are taking, facilitating us where necessary, in order to speed up the procedures and remove bureaucratic rigidities”.

Fact the first harvest of industrial hemp

Meanwhile the first harvest of industrial hemp is now a fact in Imathia, with the area being suitable for cultivation, since it has the best microclimate. The agronomist of the company Cannatec Greece, Antonis Tsipitsoudis underlined that the cultivation is not demanding, just in the early days it needs enough water. Harvesting is done in three months. As soon as it is threshed, the seed is gathered directly while the rest of the plant is left in the field for fertilization. The seed is dried, that is, it dries for four days and the cold pressing out proceeds. The oil is rich in good fats Omega-3 and Omega-6 at a rate of 80% of its weight. The rest of the seeds and crumb give flour for pizza, cheese and many other applications.

The plant samples are controlled by ELGO DIMITRA and the fibre cannabis has a level of psychotropic substance at a rate of less than 0.2%, otherwise by a committee it is destroyed. The acreage production is estimated at 30-150 kilos / acre and the purchase price of seeds from the company is 220 euros / acre and for production over 120 kilos is an additional 3 euros.

Among other things, it is emphasized that the Finola variety has been selected, which reaches half a meter and is subsidized by the European Union.

It is noted that with the collection within three months of the flower, will follow the oilification process CBD, the well-known cannabidiol, which has strong therapeutic indications in a number of diseases: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Huntigton’s disease, suspicion, psychosis, anxiety, depression cancer nausea rheumatic arthritis inflammation of the intestine and Crohn’s disease heart complications and complications of diabetes.


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