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The 23rd issue of October-November 2021 was released from today at kiosks all over the country.

In the new issue:

  • News from the World: Mexico legalizes recreational use of cannabis
  • News from Greece: The harvests of 2021
  • Health: Cannabis and Neuropathic Pain
  • Interview: ”Odysseus” Savvopoulos
  • Research: The social impact of the cannabis ban
  • Cultivation: Kelp Supplements
  • Cultivation Techniques: Applying the ”Pinching” method
  • Suggested variety: Chemdawg
  • Science: The easiest varieties to grow
  • Economy: Choosing the right management model
  • Industrial Hemp: The Consequences of a Wrong Amendment
  • Politics: A Case of Hypocrisy, Demonization and Delay
  • History: Marc Emery
  • Tribute: The hippie social movement
  • Entertainment: Coffeeshop Goa
  • Cooking with Hemp: Cream of wild forest mushrooms

… and much more!….

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