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The 1st Panhellenic Cannabis Cup 2020

Panhellenic Cannabis Cup 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Green Greeks magazine will organize the 1st Panhellenic Cannabis Cup in Greece entitled: The Green Greeks Cannabis Cup 2020 at the end of September 2020.

The best products, services, flowers, oils, businesses in a large number of sectors of the cannabis industry will be awarded. The 18 categories are listed below:

  • Best Cannabis Blossom 2020
  • Best Greek Flower 2020
  • Best Cannabis Resin 2020
  • Best Hemp Crystal 2020
  • Best CBD Oil 2020
  • Best Total Spectrum Oil 2020
  • Best Range of Cosmetics from Cannabis 2020
  • Best Cannabis Store 2020
  • Best Cannabis Café 2020
  • Best Growshop 2020
  • Best seed 2020
  • Best Cannabis Gift Shop 2020
  • Best Cannabis Entrepreneur 2020
  • Best Grower 2020
  • Best Cannabis Accessory 2020
  • Best Packaging 2020
  • Best Cannabis Soft Drink 2020
  • Best Edible from Hemp 2020


The evaluation will be done empirically, not quantitatively, that is, laboratory analyses will not be carried out on the cannabinoids or the terpenic profile. The quantity is not indicative of the quality, which is why there are cases where flowers with lower THC or CBD have a greater effect than flowers with higher percentages. This is because the quality of a flower is proportional to the combination of all the cannabinoids and terpenes it consists of. Also, looking at so many products would take a long time and would have a huge cost. Besides, it would be useless because regardless of the result, we would still examine it empirically in order to ascertain for ourselves its qualitative characteristics.

That’s why we decided to rate these categories, all the actors of the magazine together, including special guests, at an event of a limited number of people (due to Coronavirus) in September 2020, while the results of the competition will be announced in the October-November 2020 issue. We would like at this point to mention that we were originally preparing a bigger event but the conditions imposed by the Covid19 epidemic did not leave us much room for gatherings, due to the relevant ban. We hope that the next Cannabis Cup will be done with the magnificence it deserves. Until then, we continue the constant struggle for information regarding cannabis, with all the means we have and with whatever restrictions we have.


Regarding the score of each category there are different evaluation criteria for each one, which are scored with a number from 1 to 10. The total sum of these is the score of each contestant. The one who will collect the highest number wins. Accordingly, the rest of them follow, in the order of the score. Only the top 3 of each category are announced.


The overall coordination of the event will be undertaken by the publisher of the magazine, Mr. Gialamas Stefanos, author of the book “The 101 best varieties of cannabis of all time”. He will also be an evaluator of all categories along with the scientific collaborators of the journal.


The procedure complies with all the standards of similar events abroad. The evaluation shall be impartial. For example, in the evaluation of flowers, the blossoms are moved from their packages and placed in glass jars that indicate the letters A, B, C, D, E, Z …. etc. The one who places them in the jars, as soon as he completes his work, leaves the event. The mapping of the coding is put in a folder that remains closed throughout the evaluation. Then another staff moves the jars to the room where the judges are located. The judges cannot carry a mobile phone during the evaluation. Similar are the measures in the other categories to ensure the objectivity of the scoring.


In the Green Greeks Cannabis Cup, all companies that are active in one of the above categories and are based in our country or are represented and distributed by a company based in Greece have the right to participate. Therefore, all cannabis products circulating in the country can participate in the competition! Greek cannabis producers automatically participate in both competitions “Best Greek Flower 2020” and “Best Cannabis Blossom 2020” (where all flowers circulating in Greece from all countries participate)

Award ceremony

Depending on the restrictive health measures that will be in force at that time, we will judge whether it is possible to hold a reward event to which we will invite (if possible) all contestants. The venue of the event will be announced on our website in early October.

We wish all contestants the best of luck.

The Green Greeks

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