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Review: Cultivation – The Best Cannabis Varieties of All Time

In the context of informing readers, we took stock of the previous year’s topics, summarizing the articles written by category.

We present to you for each thematic unit the articles and the issue in which we published them.

Thematic Unit: Cultivation: The best varieties of cannabis

In this section we present every month and one of the best varieties of cannabis, through the book: ‘‘The 101 best cannabis varieties of all time” by Green Greek. All the secrets of each variety along with tips, technical characteristics and therapeutic properties as well as a wealth of information about each of them:

October 101: Purple Kush
November 101: Banana Kush
December 101: Girl Scout Cuccie
January 101: Gorilla Glue
February 101: Strawberry Cheesecake
March 101: Holy Grail Kush
April 101: Berry Bomb
May 101: Lemon Skunk
June 101: OG Kush
July-August 101: Blue Dream
September 101: The Black
October – November 101: Strawberry Banana
December – January 101: Darkstar


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