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Puff Pass and Paint

by Julian Grey

Cannabis since antiquity has inspired artists from all over the world with countless examples that survive to this day. It is this plant that is responsible for the diversity of ideas, social-social currents and colors in art and culture Now spread around the world, cannabis is the means of expression for many artists who use it in increasingly innovative and elaborate ways.

If you thought that ideas and opinions on art have been exhausted over the centuries, the Puff Pass and Paint art school will make you change your mind.

It is a new trend for artists, who organize groups of painting courses of various artistic levels, even for beginners, with cooking class groups and gatherings of private groups to search for new ideas and exchange views.

The groups are formed from 1 to 20 people, with a duration of 2 hours, to allow proper individual attention, giving a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, which allows students to consume cannabis without stress, for maximum performance.

The courses take place in several U.S. states such as California , Las Vegas, Denver, Boston and many other cities. With the simultaneous spread of this tendency in different parts of America, it was immediately understood that a new group approach can be achieved among artists who are in the same place, against the stereotype that wanted the artist isolated, so that he could concentrate himself, making him cut off from the rest of society for as long as he worked-expressed himself. This open social movement brings about a flourishing of ideas and transmission of knowledge and styles in real time, while allowing people direct access to these courses and parallel events.

Once again cannabis inspires and shapes art and society, through expression and fun, social cohesion and the innovative ideas that flow through it. Movements such as this support freedom, creation and excite the imagination that is transformed into art.

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