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Legalization: All together we can! (video)

Cannabis is a healing herb, a drug without side effects, capable of healing and relieving the symptoms of an increasing number of diseases. The only reason it remains illegal is to serve the interests of the big pharmaceutical companies. It’s time to demand it: Legalization. Together we can!

the following are displayed:

– Giorgis Economopoulos, Doctor, ELEF.SYN.A,Movement for the legal application of Medical Cannabis “The Remedy”

– Lina Karanasopoulou, Lawyer

– Jackie Poitras, Association “MAMAKA – MAMADES for Kannavi”

– Konstantinos Syros, Entrepreneur, Association “Patients for the use of medicinal cannabis”

– Christos Riganas, Cultivator, Association “Patients for the use of medicinal cannabis”

– George Angelinas, General Practitioner, President Hephaestus Association of People with Disabilities of Nikaia

– Vangelis Theodoropoulos, Director

concept: NORML

Direction and photography: Makis Papadimitratos Camera and sound: Giorgos Alexiadis Editing and Sound Mixing: Vassilis Belegris Production, script and editing: Sunflower seeds –

The Green Greeks Magazine

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