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Greek Perfume at the Jack Herer Cannabis Cup

With Greek participation will start for the first time the Jack Herer Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.


The event will take place at Hard Rock Cafe of the city on May 17, 2019. With total 12 categories, each of which will contain its own products, the competition promises a wide variety for each of them, always with top quality as the main ingredient. Canna Health Amsterdam, a Dutch company with Greek soul, will have its own participation in the category “The best product from CBD“.

You too can support this effort by entering the competition website and voting for it in category 9.

The first participation product is the “
10% CBD oil infused with Jack Herer terpenes

The second participation product is the “
50 mg CBD Vape pen infused with Jack Herer terpenes

We wish you every success and we look forward to more and more Greek participations in similar events!

Vote for Canna Health Amsterdam here:

The Green Greeks Magazine


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