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Gold of Green – Green Gold

A new company makes its appearance in the cannabis industry in our country, aspiring to become a reference point in quality and ingenuity, covering a wide range of activities. It is Gold of Green – Green Gold S.A., a collaboration between people who love cannabis and have dedicated their lives to this plant. It consists of modern scientists in the field of cultivation and pioneering entrepreneurs of the cannabis industry in our country. The launch of this unique project is going to be developed through different stages in the coming years and make history by Greek standards.

What began as an idea among friends ended up becoming a reality, paving the way for a series of actions that created the conditions for the implementation of this model industrial hemp production plant in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. In an idyllic environment with a special microclimate and between mountains, lakes and plains with a unique view, lies this complex of 11 greenhouses that maneuver discreetly in the green background of the surrounding area, which is known for its fertile soils.

Different varieties of industrial hemp will be cultivated there in the first phase for the production of quality flowers (unspoiled inflorescence). State-of-the-art technologies have been incorporated in this modern production unit, with automatic watering systems, fertilizer distribution, planting and soil treatment, while the entire facility is surrounded by closed-circuit cameras. At the same time, techniques and practices are adopted that are always ecological and protect the environment. The combination of these characteristics is really rare for the data of our country and is a reference point for future corresponding investments.

The immediate goals of Gold of Green – Green Gold S.A. are to make a series of studies on the cannabis plant that will create the framework to draw valuable conclusions about the life cycle of the plant and its interactivity with the environment. Measurements of climatic conditions will be made and in more way they affect the plant, depending on the time frame of its life. For this reason, a meteorological station will be installed to record the weather data during all these months that the crop will take place.

In this area, different cultivation techniques of high and low stress will be tested to yield the most effective ones, the reactions of the plant will be measured and whether these change its structure, while different styles of biological fertilization will be tested to make the necessary comparisons. At this point it is worth mentioning that all these concern organic farming techniques without the use of chemical fertilizers. Biological plant protection will also be applied with the most modern practices and methods that respect the environment.

The company’s goals, apart from the production of high quality industrial hemp flowers, are to record all the data of the growing season and to make the corresponding calculations in order to obtain statistical data that will be studied by experts to draw conclusions. A comparison of varieties and phenotypes will be made, while the correspondence with the environmental conditions prevailing at that time will be made. At the same time, other measurements will be made at regular intervals to make the necessary comparisons. Culture protocols and best practice techniques will then be created with the ultimate goal of publishing all these researches.

The company’s future goals are to work with universities and other educational organizations, agricultural schools as well as with different research centers. In fact, they are going to launch a series of innovative activities, implementing every year a new one, so that there is continuity in the structure of this pioneering project that they have already begun. These include from ecotourism actions to the creation of a Greek variety of industrial hemp that will be indigenous and will respond to the climatic conditions and data of our country.

The vision of the company is to raise the know-how in our country around the cannabis plant and is willing to contribute in this direction. In this way, the founders of Gold of Green – Green Gold S.A. hope that they will technically train other businesses – growers, in order to upgrade Greek hemp worldwide as a product of high quality and value. They even envision our country reaching a level where it will become the world’s main exporter of industrial hemp.

These innovative activities make us proud of the will and creativity that characterizes the new generation of pioneering entrepreneurs of our country. We wish them to carry out all their plans and we are sure that they will produce a unique product of unparalleled quality, raising the bar of know-how and contributing to the progress of the entire cannabis industry in Greece.


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